Residential Audio/Video Solutions

New Construction Pre-wiring

If you are building a new house, let us pre-wire so that your house is future-proof with maximum connectivity. We can pre-wire for audio, data, video, and intercom solutions. Whether you want a full house integrated entertainment solution or just pre-wiring for Internet and televisions, we can save you time and money by planning ahead.

TV Mounting

We professionally install your video-viewing equipment so that mounts and wires are unobtrusive. We can even mount TVs above fireplaces while concealing unsightly cables.

Built-in Indoor Speakers

Omni Cabling offers affordable and high-fidelity in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Do you like to listen to music while you eat, cook, or entertain? We can provide you with a seamless and easy-to-use audio system with multiple zones in as many rooms as you desire. We can even integrate built-in speakers with your video sources to enhance your listening/viewing experience if you are tired of the tinny buzzing audio from your TV’s built in speakers.

Outdoor Speakers

We offer high-end, marine-grade speaker systems for your patio/deck. Take your barbecues and backyard get-togethers up a notch. We can integrate your outdoor and indoor sound systems. With multi-zone solutions the outdoor system can be playing from the same source or a different source.

Intercom Systems

Are you tired of yelling up-stairs? Omni Cabling can install a full house intercom so that you can talk to someone anywhere in the house. You can even check to see who is at the front door.

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